Power Distribution Equipment Testing

Circuit Tracing

  • Electrical Survey
  • Panel Schedules (Digital and Affixed)
  • Color-Coded Labels Affixed to Receptacles 

Sample Panel Schedule: Sample Panel Schedule


  • Power Quality
  • Load Profile
  • Harmonics
  • Efficiency

Sample Power Quality Report:  Sample Power Quality Report

Sample Load Study Report:  Sample Load Study

Insulation Resistance Testing for Cabling and Busbar

  • “Megger” Testing (Low Voltage)
  • “Hi Pot” Testing (Medium Voltage)

Sample Insulation Resistance Testing Report:  Insulation Resistance Testing Sample Report

Ground Resistance Testing

  • 2 Point Ground Resistance
  • 3 Point Fall of Potential
  • Stray Ground Current Analysis

Sample Ground Resistance Testing Report:  Sample Ground Test Report

Generator Testing

  • Power Analysis
  • Cold Startup
  • Phase Rotation Check
  • Transient Test
  • Load Bank Test

Sample Generator Test Sheet:  SDM Test Sheet (Generator)

Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

  • Infrared Scan
  • Power Analysis
  • Simulated Power Loss
  • Return of Utility Power

Sample ATS Test Sheet:  SDM Test Sheet (ATS)

Bridge Testing

  • Motor Electrical Analysis
  • Infrared (Thermographic) Inspection
  • Motor Surge Comparison Tests
  • Circuit Breaker Current Injection Tests

Sample Report:  Sample Bridge Report

Battery Testing

  • Wet Cell Maintenance
  • VRLA Maintenance
  • Internal Resistance Measurements
  • Float Voltage Measurements
  • Discharge Time Calculation and Verification


Circuit Breaker Testing

  • Current Injection
  • “Ducter” Digital Low Resistance Ohm-Meter (DLRO)
  • “Megger” Insulation Resistance
  • Settings Adjustments
  • Infrared Scanning

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