What You Get with a Power Quality Report

Every facility has sensitive electrical equipment and electronics that must have clean and consistent power. Failure to maintain a steady flow of clean power can lead to damaged equipment. Our power quality and load study reports can help you analyze your power supply. Here’s what you get:

Preliminary review

Your facility personnel will characterize the problem, describe existing conditions (equipment or wiring changes, modifications, etc.) that could be causing power quality problems, and help determine a plan for the site survey. This preliminary review helps determine the need for the site survey. Sometimes problems can be diagnosed at this stage, reducing the need for the survey.

Site survey & field measurements

When deemed necessary, an onsite survey is performed to gather specific information about the facility, power quality problems, and affected equipment. Using state of the art Power Analyzers, field measurements are made in conjunction with an onsite power system and equipment inspection. Measurements may include load current values, voltage and harmonic distortion levels, as well as transient voltage events.

Technical report

Following the site visit and field measurements, a technical report is issued. This report includes a summary of all of the information gathered, highlighted power system problems, a summary of field measurements, recommendations for eliminating the original problem. This report also includes base line measurements that can be used for future system design and facility planning.

Here’s a sample power quality report:  Sample Power Quality Report


When to Consider a Power Quality Study

• You are experiencing down time.
• Your computer systems are locking up or you are losing data.
• Your equipment’s circuit boards or other critical electrical components are being damaged.
• You are experiencing problems when certain equipment is running.