Quality Roll Up Generator & Load Bank Solutions Simplified

Made in the USA, Trystar is a company dedicated to providing to keep you powered up even when the power is out. They have a wide range of products which can be custom-tailored to any industry’s needs. Their products go through a rigorous testing process in order to meet or exceed the applicable standard, which can sometimes require several trials prior to approval.

Regardless of whether a facility is connected to a permanent or temporary generator, the Docking Station serves several important functions. In the case of a temporary generator, the Docking Station simplifies switching over to backup power and also makes connections faster and safer. It offers all the same benefits for facilities with a permanent generator, and also allows the generator to be tested and maintained without interrupting utility power or risking an outage during the maintenance

Trystar Load Bank Docking Stations are designed to easily and safely connect a Load Bank to any permanent generator and/or UPS system for annual maintenance. Without this quick camlock connection, the service company can spend hours hardwiring cable from the Load Bank to a generator. In life safety situations, the permanent generator may have to be tested up to 4 times annually; having to hardwire each time adds significant cost to an annual service agreement. In situations like this, the Load Bank connection cabinet pays for itself after one year.



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