Surge Protection Devices

Surge Suppression Incorporated® is the leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of power quality products, trusted by over 200,000 customers around the globe. Our customers include the U.S. Department of State, state and local government operations, and a collection of the world’s most recognized brands, like Nike and Mobil Oil.

In today’s digital age, companies are more reliant than ever on electronic systems and microprocessor-based controls to efficiently run and maintain their operations while maximizing profits. These electronic control circuits are found in many of these critical systems such as water and waste water treatment facilities, traffic control systems, point of sale terminals, automated manufacturing, accounting, air traffic control systems, computer systems, 911 communications centers, health care facilities, security systems, emergency trauma centers and countless other components of our industrial, commercial and military sectors.

Powerful yet delicate, electronic circuit controls are susceptible to damage from common, often undetected, everyday voltage surges called transients. As the single most common and destructive power quality event, transients cost companies billions of dollars per month in equipment damage or failure, system downtime and lost profit-generating opportunities.

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