Preventative Maintenance




Why is maintenance required?

  • Prevents failure of components
  • Identifies existing/potential component problems
  • Identifies any potentially detrimental environmental factors
  • Minimizes downtime

ATS Maintenance

What is the maintenance process?

  • Visual and mechanical inspection 
  • Main contacts and bolted connection inspection 
  • Manual transfer operation 
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Control device inspection
  • Automatic transfer tests
  • Operating and timing tests
  • Functional test procedure for automatic transfer switch

UPS Maintenance

What is the maintenance process?

  • Visual inspection of the UPS
  • Cleaning UPS 
  • Visual inspection of the battery
  • Inspect and test room’s ventilation system to ensure proper operation
  • Measure batteries for proper electrolytes levels and signs of leaks
  • Measure the ambient temperature
  • An operational test of the entire system, including the batteries

What are the benefit of performing maintenance?

  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Promotes continuous operation without any lapses in power 
  • Saves money