Electrical Infrastructure Field Survey & Record Upgrade


Over time, facilities and their personnel change. Drawings and documents that were once detailed are now outdated, inaccurate, and/or lost. Knowing how and where your electrical equipment is powered to/from can make a huge difference when attempting to minimize a power outage. Our plan is to fully document your electrical power services using a three phase process.

Phase 1: Survey

Phase 2: Short Circuit Coordination & Arc Flash Study (SCCAFS)

Phase 3: Tracing

Three-Phase Plan

Phase 1

  • Perform a detailed field survey locating and documenting all electrical equipment found at your facility
  • Add equipment on facility overheads
  • Collect equipment information for all electrical equipment in preparation for Phase 2 


Phase 2

  • Perform SCCAFS based on the information collected in Phase 1.
  • Draw new oneline diagrams of your facility
  • Perform limited essential tracing in respect to modeling the electrical system for the SCCAFS.
  • Interim update for the customer to mediate/address any deficiencies or discrepancies in their power system.

Phase 3

  • Perform additional tracing for all electrical devices
  • Branch level tracing for all outlets in your electrical system
  • Create new panel schedules for every panel
  • Re-run SCCAF Study and provide updated report to customer 
  • Update riser diagram
  • Install arc flash label for all equipment